Winslow Homer's Set - 16 Colors


Paint with Winslow Homer's colors!

This handmade watercolor set includes 16 pigments that are known to have been in Winslow Homer's palette (more information on the set history is below).

Each one is half-pan size.

-- Carmine
-- Indian Yellow
-- Vermillion
-- Burnt Sienna
-- Cadmium Yellow
-- Cassel Earth
-- Alizarin Red Lake
-- Burnt Umber
-- Red Ochre
-- Raw Umber Very Dark
-- Brilliant Orange
-- Mars Orange
-- Celadonite
-- Prussian Blue
-- Hooker's Green
-- Ivory Black

Winslow Homer was a great American painter and watercolorist, "a poet of the outdoors", with a successful career that span over 50 years. The 16-color palette is from 1900-1910, the last decade of Homer's life. The original tin box with all the colors still exists and is kept in Bowdoin College Art Museum (Maine, USA). In 1980, the palette was analyzed with the use of spectrography, X-ray, microscopy, and chromatography to identify each pigment and the results were published in the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation. I used all of the original pigments to recreate this palette with all its vibrant colors.

Personal painting experience: I am a big admirer of Winslow Homer's art. I spent much time looking at his paintings trying to analyze them and understand what makes them so powerful and unique. I've attempted to copy a few of them mainly to find his colors. Homer's color palette is versatile and harmonious. It allows to paint nature in all its glory - landscapes and seascapes in all seasons. It allows to create amazing realistic tones and keep the colors singing.

All colors in this palette are lightfast, highly pigmented, saturated, deep, and rich. Each one is a stand alone pigment (no blends!).