Can I create my own watercolor set?
Yes, feel free to mix and match colors from multiple categories, as few or as many as you like. You can add a tin box to your order to store and use the paints as one set.

Which colors should I get?
Please see this blog post with useful suggestions for narrowing down color choices:

How long does it take to ship and deliver orders?
All orders ship within 2-7 business days. US orders are shipped with USPS First Class Mail by default and delivered within 3-9 business days. Priority Mail and Express Mail shipping upgrades are available at checkout. See International Orders below for information on shipping to other countries.

Can I receive my order faster? I have a deadline (class, workshop, birthday, travel, etc.)
Yes. Choose Priority Mail or Express Mail at checkout.

I used the wrong address for my order. What should I do?
Please contact the shop as soon as you discover the error. If your order is not shipped, the address can be corrected. If it’s shipped, consider contacting the recipient at the delivery address with instructions to forward the package to you.

I placed several orders. Can you combine them?
Yes. Feel free to email with instructions to combine your orders at poemsaboutme [at] gmail.com. Orders placed within 1-2 days are combined automatically.

What is the best way to place my order?
Read all product descriptions when browsing and take your time. Contact the shop if you have any questions not answered in product descriptions or on the F.A.Q. page. Review your cart before placing the order to make sure there are no duplicates and that all product configurations (sizes, dimensions, accessories) are correct; make sure you added everything you wanted. Take your time with the checkout process: proof all names, addresses, and email addresses. Make sure to select the right payment method. Review all information again before submitting your order. You will receive an email receipt immediately following a successful transaction. Save this email for future reference.

Do you offer wholesale discounts on orders?
Depending on the quantity you wish to purchase and the type of products you are interested in, the wholesale discount is possible. Please email the shop with detailed description of 1) what you wish to buy; 2) the discount you are looking for; 3) the timeframe for your order.


Where is my package now? How can I find out?
Each package has a tracking number that you can use to track your package on the USPS website. Each time the package is scanned there is an update on the tracking page. It takes about 24 hours for updates to appear on the page. You can track your package using this page and the tracking number you received when your order was shipped: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input

My package has not been scanned in a while. Why is that?
If the delivery is delayed, there will be a note “Arriving Late” next to the most recent update. There is nothing to do in this case, just wait. If you have questions about your package, you can talk to your mail delivery person or a clerk at any post office. In some cases, a package can travel for a few days and show "pre-transit" status before it is scanned at a sorting center or your local post office. This does not mean that the package is not moving. Keep in mind, mail status is not updated on weekends and federal holidays.

I placed my order from another country and my package has not been scanned in two weeks. Is it lost?
No. International mail gets scanned when it leaves the US and then, after it travels to your country, it gets scanned again at a sorting center or your local post office. The gap between these two scans can be around two weeks (sometimes a bit longer, depending on your location).

Looks like my package is lost. What should I do?
Please contact the shop with your order information and tracking number. If your order is lost, it can be refunded or resent.

My package status is “Delivered” but I did not receive the package. What should I do?
If the package is marked "delivered" it means it was scanned by a mail person at your address. You can check the exact day/time of the delivery and ask them when/where they left your mail that day and ask for a GPS record. Ask neighbors or family members if they received the mail on your behalf. The best person to talk to is your mail delivery person. After they deliver and scan the mail, they cannot take it back, unless the address is incorrect, in which case the package is returned to sender. 

Additionally, if you suspect that someone is stealing your mail, you can speak with your postmaster and ask for help and advice. You can find out who your local postmaster is if you call the USPS hotline (1-800-275-8777). You do not have to deal directly with the neighbors that took your mail, the postmaster can send them an official letter on your behalf explaining the mail fraud and punishment for it (in the US it’s a fine of up to $250,000 or imprisonment for up to 20 years, or both). 

If you feel your mail is unsafe, add a delivery confirmation to your order, so that someone can sign for the package when it arrives.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure you have the right delivery address and delivery instructions (if necessary) and a safe area for your mail to sit and wait for you. Keep in touch with your delivery person, so you can let them know if you will be absent or if you have issues with your mail. 

International Orders

Do you ship to my country?
Yes, orders ship worldwide, except for the places where there is no mail service.

How long does it take to receive the package in my country?
International orders are shipped with USPS International First Class mail by default. Delivery time varies for different locations and ranges between 2-4 weeks. International Priority and Express Mail are available at checkout. You can look up delivery timelines for different mail services here: https://www.usps.com/international/mail-shipping-services.htm 
Please note that with the pandemic ups and downs, delivery times vary and are not guaranteed by any carriers. 

Are there any mail service disruptions in my country? Will the package be delayed?
Some countries are affected by COVID-19 more than others and mail services may be delayed. Please see up-to-date disruptions updates on this USPS page: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/international/welcome.htm
Please use this information to make a decision about placing your order. If delays and disruptions are significant, consider waiting until the situation improves and then place your order.

My country is currently in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Will my package arrive on time?
No. Mail services are either severely delayed or suspended during a lockdown. Expect significant delays with delivery. Consider waiting until the lockdown is lifted to place your order. If your package is en route during a lockdown, it will most likely sit at a sorting center or a post office until the lockdown is lifted and then will be delivered to you. There is nothing we can do to expedite the mail held in a lockdown.

International taxes, fees, dues, etc.
Customers are responsible for paying appropriate fees, dues, and taxes in their home countries.


Do you accept returns?
No. Due to the nature of the products, the returns are not accepted. Please read the information carefully when you browse products and ask questions if you need more information before submitting your order. If the items you received are damaged or if there is something wrong with your order, we can always resolve any issues. Please contact the shop with any concerns about your order.

Do you refund lost or damaged orders?
Yes. You can get a full refund if your order was damaged during shipping or if the package was lost in the mail. Please contact the shop with your order number, tracking number, and photo evidence of damaged package and products, if applicable. You will be refunded on your original payment method. Please allow 1-3 business days for your bank or credit card company to process and post a refund. You may request a store credit instead of a refund.

About Watercolors

Are the watercolors vegan?
No. The watercolors are made with the use of honey, which is a bee product. Bees are animals and that makes watercolors non-vegan.

Are there any other animal products (except honey) used to make the watercolors?
The only color that includes animal product is Bone Black, this historic pigment is traditionally made with charred animal bones. Other colors are made with either earth pigments, minerals, or lab created pigments. There is no animal testing or cruelty involved in any stage of making colors or color ingredients.

What are the watercolor ingredients?
Watercolors are made with the use of natural and organic ingredients. The pigment is combined with organic gum arabic, organic honey, organic essential oil (preservative), purified water, and natural food-grade vegetable glycerin.

Do you use any fillers, extenders, thickeners, or any other additives?
No. Besides the core ingredients listed above, there are no other additives, fillers, or contaminating colors, just the binder, and pure single pigments.

How are these watercolors made?
Each small batch is made by mixing dry pigment and binder and then hand mulling it on a marble slab. Once the paint is smooth and consistent, it is transferred to the pans and left to dry. The process is repeated multiple times for multiple layers of paint. Once the pans are full, they are left to cure for 1-2 weeks. After that, the paints are labeled and wrapped.

Are PoemsAboutYou watercolors lightfast?
Yes. All of the watercolors in the shop have excellent lightfastness unless otherwise specified. Only a few colors have medium lightfastness (plant-based, neon colors, Prussian Blue, Rose Madder, and Helios Red, which historically do not have excellent lightfastness).

Do you combine multiple pigments to make new colors?
No. All colors are made with single, stand-alone pigments. There is a new separate category under Limited Edition colors called Convenience Colors and it includes a few convenience colors that are made with the use of two pigments each. The pigments are mentioned in the color titles and descriptions. 

Are the swatches on the website accurate?
All swatches are photographed in the daylight to help convey the exact color of the paint. That said, there is always some discrepancy between website images and real colors. To help better present the colors, the swatches are displayed in color progression next to similar colors. This allows seeing them in relationship with other colors which can give a better idea of their properties.

Why some (or all) colors are so expensive?
Shop prices correlate with the overall expenses of the shop and specific ingredients and supplies for each color. On the plus side, the prices are relatively low because there are no employees (PoemsAboutYou is a one-woman business), there is no expensive machinery and no studio rent. At the same time, prices may be relatively higher because all ingredients to make watercolors are of the highest quality and therefore not cheap; some raw pigments may be more expensive and may require more time and effort to obtain and to make into paint or require additional handling due to their toxicity. Few other things that factor into the cost of paints are the cost of labor (making paint, restocking all supplies, customer service, packaging, and shipping), protective equipment, utilities, electronics, website and payment processing costs, software, and packaging and shipping supplies. The watercolor prices reflect the materials, research, time, and expertise required to produce high-quality professional-grade paints.

Do you use color indices and original pigment names?
Yes, both. Each color has a permanent index number and it’s included in each color’s description. You can search colors by color index if you prefer. Each color title is the name of the single raw pigment used to make it. The professional artist and academic communities use original pigment names and it’s easier to find colors and learn about pigments when using their real names.

What about cracks or bubbles in the paint?
PoemsAboutYou paints do not have cracks. After the paint has been used several times, i.e. exposed to water and then dried, the changes may occur. Depending on how much water was used in a pan and how dry or humid the conditions were afterward, the dry paint may shrink slightly or detach from one or more walls of the pan. This is normal. Mineral granulating paints usually need pre-wetting to activate, so they may take longer to dry after painting and may show more change. Small bubbles may gather on top of the paint and occur in some pigments; they do not affect the paint quality and performance.

Are the watercolors toxic?
Natural earth pigments are not toxic. Pearlescent colors are not toxic. Pigments with words "cadmium", "cobalt", "manganese", and "lead" in the title are toxic. They are most toxic when inhaled in powdered form. In watercolor form, they are not hazardous.

Are PoemsAboutYou watercolors suitable for small children?
No. PoemsAboutYou watercolors are not suitable for eating or painting on the skin and therefore not recommended for small children. Non-toxic colors can be used by children who are old enough to follow safety precautions, i.e. able to refrain from ingesting pigments or applying paints to skin.  

Are there safety precautions to using watercolor paints?
Yes. Do not ingest paint and do not paint on your skin. Do not lick or chew on your brushes or other tools (pencils, pens) used with watercolor paints. Do not eat or smoke while painting to avoid ingesting paint. Do not use dishes and cups used for painting for eating and drinking. Wash your hands after using paints. Keep paints out of reach of children and pets.

What are the general guidelines for using PoemsAboutYou watercolors?
Use water to pre-wet colors (use a spray bottle or a brush to add 2-3 drops of water to each pan). Give extra time to mineral and granulating colors to pre-wet. Pre-wetting will allow you to maximize the use of colors and textures. Allow paints to dry after you finished painting. Store in a dry cool place.

You offer magnets in addition to pans and tins. What are they for?
Small magnets attached to the bottom of pans help them stay in place when they are in a tin box. Without the magnets, pans may move and flip, especially if the tin box has extra space. If you plan to keep the paints in the tin box (and carry the box around, e.g. to plein air, to class, or on a trip), having magnets is a good idea. If you plan to keep your paints in a standard palette with pan holders, you don't need magnets.

Bioplastic Items

What is bioplastic?
Compostable bioplastic is made of micro-organisms and renewable raw materials (plant sugars), such as corn, cassava, sugarcane, or sugar beet pulp. Some variations of this bioplastic may include wood. Bioplastic does not emit toxic fumes when it is produced, it consumes low energy during production and generates around 68% fewer greenhouse gasses comparing to common plastic. Although this type of plastic still requires recycling, as it can only be composted in an industrial environment (with the use of the right amount of heat and moisture), it is still a better alternative to common non-biodegradable plastic that requires the use of nonrenewable petroleum and causes pollution. 

How bioplastic things are made?
Bioplastic pans, trays, and palettes are 3D printed using custom designs by ©PoemsAboutYou.

Packaging and Gift Wrapping

How paints are wrapped and packaged?
Pans are wrapped in recycled paper and paper-based washi tape. Wrapping paper and/or paper bags are made of custom printed gift wrap paper, recycled paper, or rice paper. Mailing supplies are also made of recycled paper. There is no foil or plastic in any of the wrapping or packaging supplies.

Is gift wrap available?
Yes. For an additional $3 you can add gift wrap to your order. The gift wrap includes a 10" x 12" sheet of wrapping paper (there are various colorful designs and a plain white rice paper option) and a 4x6” sheet of 300 lb. handmade cotton watercolor paper. If you are ordering one unit of Gift Wrap with your order, your entire order will be gift wrapped. If you are ordering multiple units of Gift Wrap, they will be enclosed separately with your order and no items will be wrapped. 
See the Gift Wrap listing here:

Can I enclose a gift message with my order? I am buying a gift for my special person.
Yes. Please email your gift message to poemsaboutme[at]gmail.com with your order number. The invoice will not be included in the gift package.

PoemsAboutYou.com and PoemsAboutYou on Etsy

Will your Etsy shop continue to exist?
Yes, the Etsy shop will continue to exist, as usual. Feel free to visit it anytime! www.etsy.com/shop/poemsaboutyou

Will the prices be the same on the website and Etsy?
Yes, the prices will be the same.

Will you have the same products on the website and on Etsy?
No. To keep track of the inventory, all low stock and Limited Edition colors will only be available on the website. Some new colors and products may first appear on the website and then on Etsy. 

What are the major differences between the colors and products available on the website and on Etsy?


Rare Pigments
Limited Edition Colors
Low Stock Colors
Low Stock Products
Watercolor Paper Sets
More Paint Sets (currently 40 available)
Bioplastic Boxes and Inserts
Colors in XL, Full, Half, Mini, and Sample Pans
Discounts (coupons available via Newsletter)
Choice of Gift Wrap paper
Gift Cards
Free Gift Option (when you order 12+ colors)

Core Color Collection Only
Colors in Half Pans Only
Only 22 Watercolor Sets (comparing to 40 sets available on the website)

Free Gift

How do I claim my free gift?
You can select a free gift (one half pan) with your order of 12+ half pans or any order over $96. To select a free gift, click a gift box icon in the lower-right corner of the website. You will see several colors available as free gifts. Select any color you like! Each month there will be a new set of free gift colors to choose from. Free gift option is only available on the website, not on Etsy.

Do you offer free tin boxes with sets?
No. Tin boxes and bioplastic boxes are listed in separate categories and available for purchase, along with single magnets. You can get the size and configuration you need for your set.


I receive too many emails. How often do you send your newsletter?
The newsletter is sent once a month or once every two months, depending on the number of new products and updates. For example, in 2022 there were seven Newsletters total. You can unsubscribe anytime!

What’s in a newsletter?
Newsletters include information about new colors, new products, or new digital content (new color swatches, new blog posts), and all low-stock alerts. The keyword here is ‘new'. If it’s not new, it's not newsletter-worthy. Most newsletters also include coupon codes that are valid on the website only. Each newsletter also foreshadows upcoming updates, so you can decide whether you are interested in receiving the next one.

What is not in a newsletter?
Newsletters are not sent when regular colors and products get restocked. To see colors that will be restocked soon, see 'New colors and restock preview' page: https://poemsaboutyou.com/collections/upcoming-colors-restock-preview
Newsletters are not used to discuss the weather or share musings on non-watercolor-related topics (social media is for that!). All mini-updates are announced on Instagram, follow the shop page if you don't want to miss regular smaller announcements and watercolor tips: https://www.instagram.com/poemsaboutyoushop/

I already follow shop account @poemsaboutyoushop and your art account @poemsaboutme on Instagram. Do I still need to subscribe to the newsletter?
Yes. The Instagram algorithm may not show all my posts or stories to you. Time-sensitive offers like sales, coupons, or giveaways may expire by the time you see them. Email is a more reliable method of sharing news. Additionally, the Instagram format does not always work for larger clusters of images and text, email is more convenient.

I want to subscribe to the shop's newsletter. How do I do that?
Scroll all the way down and enter your email address in the form located in the lower-left corner of the page. Click the ‘Sign up’ button. You are all set!


Do you collaborate with artists or other businesses?
Yes. I launched an Ambassador program for artists who wish to collaborate with the shop and help spread the good word about the watercolors and inspire their followers. All the details about the program and rewards, as well as the link for the application form are available on this page:

Would you like to collaborate with other makers as an artist?
Yes! I would love to collaborate with someone who makes/manufactures watercolor paper or drawing pencils. Contact me if you want to discuss!

Permissions and Copyright

Can I copy your artwork?
No. I no longer allow to copy my artworks. 

Can I replicate and sell your sets and palettes?

Can I copy and sell your bioplastic ideas?
No. All designs and ideas are the intellectual property of PoemsAboutYou shop. Copying and selling bioplastic palettes and sets will violate the copyright of PoemsAboutYou.

Can I copy and use your photos and product layout design from the website or Etsy shop?
No. Plagiarism is bad. Please develop your own creative ideas and do not plagiarize ideas of others.

Can I copy and use your texts and descriptions?


What is the best way to contact the shop?
The best way to contact the shop is via email: poemsaboutme[at]gmail.com. Contacting the shop via social media does not guarantee a timely response.