White Titanium - Opaque White


Handmade watercolor made of titanium, naturally occurring pigment.

The color is opaque cold white.

Color characteristics:
Lightfastness: Excellent
Granulation: No
Staining: No
Transparency: No
Pigment: PW6

Personal Painting Experience: Classic watercolor police will tell you that white does not belong in the watercolor palette (because the paper is already white), but it can be quite useful. With titanium whtie you can do many things: add bits of reflected light to still lifes, add highlights to portraits or monochrome paintings, add thickness to heavy clouds in your sky-scapes, or add texture to your snow-scapes. Opaque white is great for mixed media art, it blends well with all watercolors making them more opaque, almost gouache-like.

Available in half pans.