Urban Sketching Set - Saturated Granulating Colors - Set of 12 or 18 Colors


The new version of the urban sketching set includes more saturated and textured colors to allow the sketcher to quickly activate colors on the go to capture objects in a city environment. The palette includes mostly natural-looking colors (earth pigments) with an addition of highly saturated blues, greens, and a yellow for quick color mixing. The set will work great for realistic painting!

Considering that city environment has many different textures (buildings, roads, transport, bridges, monuments, etc.) as well as nature elements (trees, water), the set incorporates mainly textured colors that allow creating interesting glazes and surfaces to help quickly show complexity, age, and wear of city elements as well as add fresh greenery with convincing bodies of water. Although I am a big proponent of not using black in watercolors to avoid mud, I added Lamp Black to this set to help increase the contrast, introduce more darkness, and allow for some grayness and muddiness which can be appropriate when painting dusty, dirty, or abandoned elements of a city. All colors are saturated and can be used for creating bright dynamic art. Each color can also be diluted for more subtle appearance. There are two versions of this set, 12 colors or 18 colors. You can select the one that works for you!

Tin boxes and magnets are available separately. See "Boxes & Pans" category for all options.