Subtle Earth Colors - 6 Color Set - Titan Buff, Indigo, Ocher, Cassel Earth, Gray, Caput Mortuum


Subtle Earth Tones - textured watercolor paints with a lot of character. Perfect for winter plein air!

Handmade watercolor set includes six subtle earth colors (all half-pan size):

-- Caput Mortuum Violet (natural pigment, highly granulated and coarse with a mineral glimmer)
-- Extra Light Ochre (natural earth pigment, highly granulated)
-- Cassel Earth (also known as Van Dyke Brown) (natural earth pigment, rich and dark)
-- Titan Buff (natural earth pigment, opaque)
-- Titanium Gray (natural earth pigment, opaque)
-- Indigo (natural plant extract)

This palette consists of subtle earth colors with high granulation.
Two colors are dark, Cassel Eearth and Indigo.
Two colors are opaque, Titanium Grey and Titan Buff.
Two colors are highly granulated and textured, Caput Mortuum Violet and Extra Light Ochre.

I combined these colors into a set which can offer a good warm/cool balance, opacity, and texture. Each color is quite powerful, even Extra Light Ochre. It may be quite subtle on its own and a bit slow to wet, but it can transform colors in blends, adding its yellow undertones, granulation, and texture. It's a great set to take to winter plein air!

These colors blend well together and produce great color combinations.

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