Sketching Set - 6 Color Set - Red Earth, Cassel Earth, Raw Umber, Titanium Gray, White, Black - for Painting


Sketching Set includes saturated colors that offer a wide range of shades and tones. Great for sketching and limited palette painting.
These colors look especially great on toned paper (warm hues)!

Handmade watercolor set includes six earth colors (all half-pan size):

-- Cassel Earth (also known as Van Dyke Brown) - natural earth pigment, rich and dark.
-- Red Earth - natural earth pigment, granulating and transparent.
-- Titanium White - bright and opaque white.
-- Raw Umber Greenish - natural earth pigment, transparent cool brown.
-- Titanium Grey - opaque warm gray.
-- Ivory Black - saturated, transparent color that can be used as ink for line work.

This palette consists of natural earth colors.
Two colors are warm, Cassel Eearth and Red Earth.
Two colors are opaque, Titanium Grey and Titanium White.
Two colors are cool, Raw Umber Greenish and Ivory Black.

I created this set for painting on toned paper. I wanted a limited palette that would be harmonious and would allow to avoid mud when blending colors. I also wanted a good light-to-dark range, both warm and cold tones, and opacity (so I could add highlights to portraits). These colors look brighter on white paper.

These colors blend well together and produce great color combinations.