Lead Tin Yellow


Handmade watercolor made of a single pure high grade pigment.

The color is lightfast and semi-opaque.

Color characteristics:
Lightfastness: excellent
Granuation: no
Staining: no
Transparency: semi
Pigment: PY41

Lead Tin Yellow adds amazing glow and gentle opacity to painted portraits. It helps convey delicate highlights on skin. This pigment was a permanent part of Rembrandt's palette. 

Lead-based pigments are considered to be toxic in powdered form because their inhalation can harm human health. They are not hazardous in watercolor form but it still need to be handled with care. To enjoy lead-based paints and to stay safe, you need to follow standard precautions: do not ingest paint and do not paint on your skin. Do not lick or chew on your brushes or other tools (pencils, pens) used with watercolor paints. Do not eat or smoke while painting to avoid ingesting paint. Do not use dishes and cups used for painting for eating and drinking. Wash your hands after using paints. Keep paints out of reach of children and pets.