John Sargent's Set - 16 Color Set - Handmade Watercolors - Vermillion, Gamboge, Ultramarine, Viridian, Red Lake, Rose Madder, Black


Paint with John Singer Sargent's colors!

This handmade watercolor set includes 16 pigments that were in John Sargent's watercolor palette in early 1900s.

Each one is half-pan size.

-- Alizarin Red Lake
-- Burnt Sienna
-- Cassel Earth
-- Chrome Yellow Light
-- Cobalt Blue
-- Emerald Green
-- English Red
-- Gamboge
-- Lamp Black
-- Lemon Yellow
-- Rose Madder
-- Rouge Vermillion
-- Titanium White
-- Ultramarine Blue
-- Vermillion
-- Viridian

John Sargent was a cosmopolitan (North American-European) artist who was well known on both sides of the Atlantic for his oil paintings. Sargent was trained to paint like the grand old masters and was friends with French post-impressionists who embraced bright pure colors and outdoor (plein air) painting. Sargent made much money painting rich people's portraits and traveled extensively. He always brought his watercolors and painted everywhere he went. He painted over 2000 watercolors in his lifetime! Unlike his oil paintings, dark and grand, Sargent's watercolors are transparent, light, and almost abstract. Sargent used watercolors to quickly capture scenes and to convey sunlight. Watercolors allowed Sargent more creative freedom than his commissioned oil works and became his medium for artistic exploration and experiments.

Personal painting experience: Reading about and researching Sargent's artworks and paint palettes (both oil and watercolor), I began to appreciate his approach to blending and applying colors. Sargent's watercolor palette is mostly cool with a few strong warm colors. It is quite versatile and its colors can be recognized in all of his watercolor paintings: landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes painted all over the world. The palette is quite refined, i.e. there are no redundant colors. I am a big admirer of practical limited palettes and this is a good example of one. I like Sargent's use of opaque white: he used it to cover mistakes and to add or re-establish highlights that he painted over :-)

All colors in this palette are lightfast, highly pigmented, saturated, deep, and rich. Each one is a stand alone pigment (no blends!).