Inktober Set 5.0 - Warm & Cool Black Colors - 12 Color Set


Inktober 5.0 set includes several warm and cool black colors for creating dramatic and rich monochrome art. There is a variety of temperatures, transparency, opacity, and granulation. Each color offers a unique effect and

These colors interact very well and compliment and balance each other. They are perfect for dramatic black-and-white painting, value studies, monochrome art, and the Inktober challenge. They can be combined with other palettes and sets!

The set includes 12 colors:

- Shungite - naturally occurring mineral with healing properties, naturally occurring mineral unique to Shunga, Karelia.

- Pyrolysite - naturally occurring mineral.

- Graphite - color made with pure pencil graphite powder.

- Iron Oxide Neutral Black - granulating color made with carbon pigment made of iron oxide, a derivative of magnetite.

- Bideford Black - a unique, naturally occurring rare pigment only found in Bideford, North Devon (UK).

- Gilsonite - granulating color made of natural earth mineral.

- Grape Seed Black - fine and smooth cool black pigment made with carbonized grape seeds.

- Channel Black - carbon pigment made with the use of burning, a warm gentle black with subtle granulation.

- Manganese Black - neutral black mineral color with a pleasant semi-granulating texture.

- Chromium Black - a beautiful gentle black color with warm undertones.

- Bister Black - a pigment made with soot of burnt wood, widely used in ink making. Saturated and smooth, it will work great in both painting and lettering. This version has subtle brown undertones.

- Lamp Black - pigment made of soot of burnt tar, one of the most intense and saturated cool blacks.

All twelve colors are made of stand-alone natural pigments, with no fillers, additives, or contaminating colors! 

All colors in this palette are lightfast, highly pigmented, saturated, deep, and rich. These are professional grade watercolors!

The colors look beautiful on both white and toned paper!