Inktober Set 2.0 - Cool Black Colors - 12 Color Set - Obsidian, Bone Black, Iron Oxide, Lamp Black, Ivory Black


Inktober 2.0 set includes all cool black colors that offer a variety of textures, values, and granulation.

The set includes colors that are opaque and transparent, smooth and granulating, as well as deeply saturated and relatively subdued. These colors interact very well and compliment and balance each other. They are perfect for dramatic black-and-white painting and value studies. They can be combined with other palettes and sets!

Each color is made of a stand-alone natural pigment, with no fillers, additives, or contaminating colors.

The set includes 12 colors:

- Obsidian (aka Dragonglass) - naturally occurring volcanic glass.
- Iron Oxide Neutral Black - dense and opaque black, derivative of magnetite.
- Bone Black - carbon pigment made of charred animal bones.
- Shungite - naturally occurring mineral with healing properties.
- Shungite Gray - mineral with higher carbon content than black Shungite, naturally occurring mineral unique to Shunga, Karelia.
- Roman Black - natural earth pigment, warm shade of black with dark brown undertones.
- German Vine Black - pigment made of charred grape vine shoots, cool black with great transparency.
- Lamp Black - pigment made of soot of burnt tar, beautiful cool and soft black with blue undertones.
- Magnetite - naturally occurring mineral, watercolor is made of pure black magnetic powder. This watercolor creates a texture consisting of gorgeous glimmering granules that flow and cluster together, pushed/pulled by magnetic poles.
- Ivory Black - mixture of bone black and iron oxide, can be used as ink for dip pens or brush calligraphy.
- Titanium White - opaque cool white, perfect for highlights and for creating opaque colors out of any transparent ones.

Each color is made of a stand-alone natural pigment, with no fillers, additives, or contaminating colors!
All colors in this palette are lightfast, highly pigmented, saturated, deep, and rich. These are professional grade watercolors!

The colors look beautiful on both white and toned paper!