Imperfect Tin Boxes - Boxes with Minor Dents or Scratches

$1.00 $3.00

Inevitably, when you have a shop and order multiple tin boxes, you will end up with a few damaged ones. I am a big proponent of saving and reusing things that can function well even when they do not look 100% new. Over the years, I've accumulated multiple tin boxes with minor dents or scratches. I decided to list them in the shop for a reduced price.

Most tin boxes end up with surface ware, especially if you take them to travel, plein air, or workshops. Dents or scratches do not prevent a tin box from serving its purpose. Imperfections can be covered with stickers or glued-on embellishments, like beads or buttons.

All of the imperfect tin boxes have intact shapes and can be closed and opened without effort. The imperfections are insignificant, minor, and often barely visible!

IMPORTANT: To help keep this offer sustainable, I added a weight limit to orders outside of the US. You can order multiple tin boxes with a total order weight of 15 oz (425 grams) or less. This will help keep the low cost of shipping. US orders do not have a weight limit, feel free to order as many boxes as you want!