Green Set for Plein Air


This is a new updated edition of the Green Plein Air set. This palette was created for painting realistic-looking greenery in different lighting and will work great for painting bright sunny landscapes, gloomy overcast scenery, and everything in between. 

This handmade watercolor set includes 12 pure pigments:

- Bright Emerald Green - warm saturated green
- Hooker's Green - bright cool green
- Sap Green - cool dark green
- Oxide Green - semi-opaque green
- Chrome Green Light
- Florentine Green - cool opaque green
- Indigoge - a convenience color, blend of Indigo and Gamboge
- Raw Umber Greenish - cool mushroom shade brown with strong green undertones
- Prussian Blue - deep saturated blue, perfect for deepening and cooling greens and for making vibrant greens out of yellows
- Lemon Yellow - cool bright yellow
- Brilliant Yellow - warm saturated yellow
- Burnt Sienna - warm powerful earth color that can help warm greens and blues

Green pigments can be too bright and saturated on their own, that's why, for realistic painting, they need other colors to balance their temperature and to tone them up or down. This set includes two yellows (cool and warm) to amplify the greens and to create highlights in sun-lit foliage, blue color to cool down and neutralize bright colors and for painting shadows. Burnt Sienna, on its own and in blends with blues and greens is great for adding rusty browns to foliage and (in combination with Prussian blue and Raw Umber Greenish) for painting tree trunks and branches.

The palette is rich and versatile. Because each pigment is pure and saturated, the colors produce amazing blends. From bright tropical greens and botanicals to pine forest and jungle plants, this palette can handle it all!

All colors in this palette are lightfast, highly pigmented, saturated, deep, and rich.

The set consists of 11 stand-alone pigments and one convenience color.

If you are like me and always look for ways to enhance and expand your palettes, you may be interested in adding Indigo, Cerulean, and Cassel Earth to this palette - these three colors will take the whole palette to darker and cooler place!