Gift Card - PoemsAboutYou


Gift Card option makes it easy to send a gift to that special artist in your life!

With your Gift Card, the recipient will be able to select what they want from the shop as their gift.

How to does it work?

1. Select the amount you need from available options. Contact the shop if you need a specific amount not listed in the options.

2. Purchase a gift card. You can order several Gift Cards, just add them to your cart separately (1 card per 1 recipient). 

3. Open email confirmation. It will be titled "poemsaboutyou $** gift card." Check your spam folder if you don't see the email.

4. You can open and view the Gift Card and forward it right away or you can schedule it for a specific day and time.

5. To schedule, click "Schedule Gift Card“ button in your confirmation email. When the page opens, enter your name, your recipient's email address, the date and time when the Gift Card should be sent (you can choose Send Now option), and your email, so that you can receive a confirmation. (Both your email and your recipient's email will only be used to send and receive the Gift Card. The emails will not be saved or used for any other purposes.) 

6. You will receive a confirmation 1) when your email with the Gift Card is scheduled and 2) when your email with the Gift Card is sent to the recipient. (You can notify the recipient to be on the lookout for the Gift Card in case it gets mistaken for spam.)