Blue Set - 12 Color Set - Smalt, Phtalo, Ultramarine, Cerulean, Azure, Cobalt, Indigo, Purple


This handmade watercolor set includes 12 blue pigments:

- Cobalt Aquamarine
- Azure Blue
- Cerulean Blue
- Cobalt Blue
- Phthalo Blue
- Smalt
- Prussian Blue
- Ultramarine Purple
- Ultramarine Blue Dark
- Albrecht Blue
- Cobalt Purple Tyrian
- Indigo

The new edition of Blue Set includes all new and fresh blues that are perfect for painting sky and water. It is also perfect for creating various rich greens (just add a primary yellow).

This palette is super versatile. You can transform it by adding just one saturated color. In the swatch, you can see what colors you can get by blending these blues with Brilliant Yellow (top row), Carmine, Rose Madder, Viridian, and Cassel Earth (bottom row). These are just a few colors that can be found in most versatile palettes. You can experiment with your own favorite saturated colors.

Each pigment in this palette is pure and saturated and the colors produce amazing blends. Each one is a stand-alone pigment (no blends!).

All colors in this palette are lightfast, highly pigmented, saturated, deep, and rich.

For tin and mixing tray, see Accessories section.