Black 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper - Postcard Size 4" x 6" - Set of 6


A set of 6 sheets of black 100% cotton watercolor paper in postcard format (4" x 6").

Two paper weights available: 250 GSM (120 lb) and 300 GSM (140 lb).

Both papers are hot press (smooth surface). 

Black papers are great for painting with pearlescent colors!

Here are some pros of postcard format:
- Relatively small size for low-pressure painting. Allows to capture small scenes or generalize vast spaces without much preliminary drawing or planning a large detailed composition.
- Convenient for shorter painting sessions and plein air painting where you don't have a large setup.
- Allows using high-quality watercolor paper without committing to a whole sketchbook/pad.
- Allows you to switch among different papers and only carry a few sheets instead of heavier pads or sketchbooks (great for travel or outdoor painting).
- It's easy to get rid of unsuccessful artwork. Just recycle and move on instead of covering it up or tearing pages.
- No need to keep all artworks together in one place (e.g. in a sketchbook). Easy to display, mail, give away, or sell artworks individually.

I hope you give this set a try! The set is also available as a free gift with any $96+ purchase. See F.A.Q. section for more information on free gifts.