Bioplastic Stencil for Swatching Watercolors - 4" x 6"


Postcard-sized stencils are designed for creating swatch cards quickly and efficiently, without the use of washi tape or a ruler. It takes less than a minute to set up your swatch card, so you can spend more time mixing colors and painting and less time applying and removing tape and measuring and marking paper to create a symmetrical grid. These stencils can be used on papers of any size; I find the 4” x 6” format most practical. The finished swatch cards look neat and organized.

One stencil design has 24 squares for exploring new palettes. The other is for exploring powerful color duos that work great together.

If you are curious about different ways and goals of watercolor swatching or looking for more swatching ideas, see my blog post - Swatching Watercolors.

What is bioplastic? Compostable bioplastic is made of micro-organisms and renewable raw materials, such as, corn, cassava, sugarcane, or sugar beet pulp. Some variations of this bioplastic may include wood. Although this type of plastic still requires recycling, as it can only be composted in an industrial environment (it needs to reach temperature over 140F), it is still a better alternative to common non-biodegradable plastic that requires the use of nonrenewable petroleum and causes pollution.