Bioplastic Plein Air Palette for 6 Colors with Attached Mixing Area (Empty)


Bioplastic palette with a lid fits 6 half pans and has two extensions: 1) an attached mixing area (divided into two sections) and 2) a small extended edge that can be used with a binder clip (not included) to attach the palette to a sketchbook. The lid can be used as a brush holder (for two brushes) or as an extra mixing area. These palettes are specifically designed for half pans. The fit is snug and the pans do not move while you use the paints.

The bioplastic surface is smooth to the touch. You can put stickers or glue on other decorations to personalize the box. This palette would be perfect for holding limited palettes and outdoor painting. It is compact and there is no need to keep a separate brush holder.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" long, 2 1/4 wide, and 1/2" tall.