Bioplastic Pans - Cotton White


Empty watercolor pans made of compostable bioplastic. The color is Cotton White. Marble and Wood (80% bioplastic and 20% recycled wood) are also avaialble!

Compostable bioplastic is made of micro-organisms and renewable raw materials, such as, corn, cassava, sugarcane, or sugar beet pulp. Some variations of this bioplastic may include wood. Although this type of plastic still requires recycling, as it can only be composted in an industrial environment, it is still a better alternative to common non-biodegradable plastic that requires the use of nonrenewable petroleum and causes pollution.

In addition to standard half pans and full pans, there are three unique configurations: half-pan divided into two sections, so you can pour two colors into one pan and save space in your palette), full pan divided into three sections, so you can create trios to use together, and an extra-large pan that fits about 2.3 full pans or 4.4 half pans (great for colors you use a lot or for palettes meant for large scale painting). All of the pans can be used in the same palette, they have the same height and they are easy to tetris in palettes of all sizes.

To help reduce waste, I am offering all pans as singles, so you can get the exact amount you need instead of getting a whole set and only using a few.

You can also add single magnets for your pans, if you plan to keep them in a metal travel tin! Consider getting two single magnets for full pans and extra large pans to help keep them in place.