Bioplastic Boxes for Mini Pans (Empty)


Mini pans fit approximately 2/3 of half pan and they are compatible with wooden palettes by Peg and Awl. Few colors in the shop are available in mini size, you can browse them in Limited Edition Category.

All boxes have lids that can serve as brush holders!

These boxes are specifically designed for mini pans. The fit is snug and pans do not move while you use the paints. The lid is a functional item, too! It can hold brush(es) to prevent them from rolling on the table and to help preserve expensive natural-hair brushes by preventing water damage to the heel of the brush (happens when brushes left to sit/dry standing up).

Bioplastic surface is smooth to touch. You can put stickers or glue on other decorations to personalize the box.

These boxes would be perfect for holding limited palettes for desktop painting. They are compact there is no need to keep a separate brush holder. Boxes are currently available in six different colors!

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Empty bioplastic mini pans are available here.

See available colors in mini pans here.

Important: Boxes are made to order which means it might take time (up to 7 business days) to prepare and ship your order.