Albrecht Dürer Set - 12 Color Set (2 Versions)


Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) was a great German Renaissance artist that was famous for his portraits and engravings. His palette did not change much throughout his painting career and included the best pigments available at that time.

This watercolor palette includes all the pigments used by Dürer. There are two versions of the palette: authentic historic pigments and modern pigment substitutes. Two substitute pigment (Viridian and Rose Madder) are included in both palettes as a replacement of extremely fugitive Verdigris and Cochineal. 

Authentic palette includes original pigments used in the 15th century: Cinnabar and Lead Tin Yellow. The version with substitutes includes Rose Madder and Titanium White. All colors are in half pan size.

Additional pigment in both palettes is Ultramarine, a modern version of rare and expensive Azurite. Dürer made efforts to obtain good quality Azurite, mostly for his religious artworks, and paid large sums of money for it. Since modern mineral Azurite looks less blue and saturated than the one in Dürer's paintings, adding modern Ultramarine helps represent his colors.