20-Color Metallics Set for Painting, Calligraphy, and Lettering


The handmade watercolor set includes 20 different shiny and sparkly colors that include warm and cool, light and dark colors. These paints are suitable for all kinds of watercolor painting and calligraphy: use them for embellishment or lettering practice, coloring books, holiday postcards, and everything else. Mix them with inks and other bright colors, use them for dip pen drawing and writing. 

These watercolors look bright and are quite visible on different tones of paper (see images with examples). They glow in sunlight!

These were made in a small batch using natural and organic materials. The pigment is a powdered non-toxic mineral and the binding is a combination of organic gum arabic, organic honey, organic essential oil (preservative), and vegetable glycerin. There are no other additives or fillers, just pure pigment. These watercolors are safe for children.

Tin boxes and magnets are available separately in "Boxes & Pans" category.