Bright Pure Colors - 6 Color Set - Primary Colors - Cadmium Red, Yellow, Cobalt Aquamarine, Blue, Purple, and Green

Handmade watercolor set includes six bright and saturated colors (all half-pan size):

-- Cadmium Red (PR108)
-- Cobalt Aquamarine (PB36)
-- Cadmium Yellow (PY37)
-- Cobalt Blue (PB15)
-- Tyrian Cobalt Purple (PV23)
-- Cobalt Green (PG19)

All colors are lightfast, transparent, and highly saturated. 

Bright and juicy colors can create many blends and boost any palette. Red, Yellow, and Blue are primary colors and can make a variety of oranges and greens. Aquamarine is incredibly bright and inspiring! Purple is perfect for adding darkness and drama!

This set would be perfect for any beginning artist. It is a good start of a versatile palette. It would also be great for botanical and decorative painting, e.g. patterns, abstracts, and floral designs.

The colors are highly pigmented, saturated, deep, and rich.