Watercolor Paper - 100% Cotton - Postcard Size 4" x 6" - Set of 30 Different Papers


If you are curious about different cotton watercolor papers but don’t want to make a commitment to large quantities and spend much money, this set is for you! Try 30 different professional 100% cotton watercolor papers in a manageable postcard format!

Fancy professional watercolor paper is usually sold in large sheets and rarely available in pads or postcard format. Some papers are not even available as single sheets, only in sets, and few are not available to the general public. Trying different 100% cotton watercolor papers can become quite expensive and inconvenient for artists who paint in small formats and do not want to purchase large sheets and quantities of paper that takes up space.

This paper is mouldmade in Italy by Magnani (the 15th century Italian Mill). Interesting fact, the paper is manufactured using energy generated by the mill's own water turbines! This is their relatively new Revere Paper series, 100% cotton, neutral pH, chlorine-free, and acid-free. Paper is suitable for calligraphy, all drawing techniques, and water media.

The paper is available in 5 shades of white and in black, three weights, and three textures. Each of the 30 sheets is different! The size is 4” x 6” (postcard format). Some sheets can be a few millimeters wider/taller due to hand measurement and cutting.  

Here are the paper details:




Polar White (6 sheets)
Standard White (7 sheets)
Bisque (4 sheets)
Warm White (4 sheets)
Ivory (7 sheets)
Black (2 sheets)

Textured (8 sheets)
Medium Textured (12 sheets)
Smooth (10 sheets)
250 gsm / 120 lb (14 sheets)
300 gsm / 140 lb (14 sheets)
330 gsm / 150 lb (2 sheets)

I personally use the postcard format for most of my artworks. I find this option quite convenient. 
Here are some pros of postcard format:
- Relatively small size for low-pressure painting. Allows to capture small scenes or generalize vast spaces without much preliminary drawing or planning a large detailed composition.
- Convenient for shorter painting sessions and plein air painting where you don't have a large setup.
- Allows using high-quality watercolor paper without committing to a whole sketchbook/pad.
- Allows you to switch among different papers and only carry a few sheets instead of heavier pads or sketchbooks (great for travel or outdoor painting).
- It's easy to get rid of unsuccessful artwork. Just recycle and move on instead of covering it up or tearing pages.
- No need to keep all artworks together in one place (e.g. in a sketchbook). Easy to display, mail, give away, or sell artworks individually.

I hope you give this set a try! 

In case if you want to identify each paper in the set before using it, here is a detailed list (it goes from the top of the pile to the bottom, each set has the cards in the same order):

  1. Polar White, 250 gsm, textured
  2. Standard White, 250 gsm, textured
  3. Ivory, 250 gsm, textured
  4. Polar White, 300 gsm, textured
  5. Standard White, 300 gsm, textured
  6. Ivory, 300 gsm, textured
  7. Standard White, 330 gsm, textured
  8. Ivory, 330 gsm, textured
  9. Polar White, 250 gsm, medium textured
  10. Standard White, 250 gsm, medium textured
  11. Warm White, 250 gsm, medium textured
  12. Ivory, 250 gsm, medium textured
  13. Bisque, 250 gsm, medium textured
  14. Black, 250 gsm, medium textured
  15. Polar White, 300 gsm, medium textured
  16. Standard White, 300 gsm, medium textured
  17. Warm White, 300 gsm, medium textured
  18. Ivory, 300 gsm, medium textured
  19. Bisque, 300 gsm, medium textured
  20. Black, 300 gsm, medium textured
  21. Polar White, 250 gsm, smooth
  22. Standard White, 250 gsm, smooth
  23. Warm White, 250 gsm, smooth
  24. Ivory, 250 gsm, smooth
  25. Bisque, 250 gsm, smooth
  26. Polar White, 300 gsm, smooth
  27. Standard White, 300 gsm, smooth
  28. Warm White, 300 gsm, smooth
  29. Ivory, 300 gsm, smooth
  30. Bisque, 300 gsm, smooth