Red Cabbage - Plant-Based

Handmade watercolor made of real red cabbage extract.

The color is bright and transparent.

Lightfastness: good. NOTE: Colors with good or fair lightfastness can last long (up to 50 years) if they are kept out of direct sunlight. Colors with fair lightfastness are great for artworks that meant to be stored out of sunlight (journals, sketchbooks), or meant to be scanned/photographed (possibly for future digital altering), or meant to be used for projects intended to be short-lived (invitations, postcards, thank you cards, etc.).
Granuation: no
Staining: no
Transparency: yes
WARNING: it smells like cabbage when wet :-)

Red Cabbage color is bright and saturated. It blends well with all classic watercolors and makes nice bright pinks and deep purples.

Available in half pans.