Watercolor Paper - 100% Cotton - Postcard Size 6" x 4.5" - Set of 14 (7 Different Papers and Textures) - LAST ONE


If you need a small amount of high-quality watercolor paper for just a few art projects or a few plein air sessions, this set is worth a try! It includes 7 different high-quality 100% cotton watercolor papers (2 sheets each) in a postcard format (6" x 4.5"). 

Few of these papers are only sold as large sheets and not available in pads or postcard formats. 

Here are some pros of postcard format:
- Relatively small size for low-pressure painting. Allows to capture small scenes or generalize vast spaces without much preliminary drawing or planning a large detailed composition.
- Convenient for shorter painting sessions and plein air painting where you don't have a large setup.
- Allows using high-quality watercolor paper without committing to a whole sketchbook/pad.
- Allows you to switch among different papers and only carry a few sheets instead of heavier pads or sketchbooks (great for travel or outdoor painting).
- It's easy to get rid of unsuccessful artwork. Just recycle and move on instead of covering it up or tearing pages.
- No need to keep all artworks together in one place (e.g. in a sketchbook). Easy to display, mail, give away, or sell artworks individually.

In case if you want to identify each paper in the set before using it, here is a detailed list (it goes from the top of the pile to the bottom, each set has the cards in the same order): 

1 & 2: Arches Cold Press, Natural White, 140 lb
3 & 4: Arches Hot Press, Natural White, 140 lb
5 & 6: Arches Rough, Natural White, 140 lb
7 & 8: Fabriano, Traditional White, 140 lb
9 & 10: Hahnemule, Warm White, 140 lb
11 & 12: Somerset Textured, White, 120 lb
13 & 14: Somerset Textured, Cream, 140 lb