Mayan Yellow - Genuine Pigment


Handmade watercolor made of genuine pigment.

The color is highly saturated and rich. It is lightfast and transparent.

Color characteristics:
Lightfastness: Excellent
Granulation: No
Staining: No
Transparency: Yes!
Pigment: PY15

This yellow is super bright and strong! Even a small amount creates an intense hue. This bright lemon yellow has magic powers when it comes to making gorgeous bright green shades - it blends so well with all blues, it could be used exclusively for that purpose! It is a must have in a palette, no matter the subject of your art - plane air, sketching, still life, etc. Because it is so strong and such a great palette extender (it will add a new gorgeous dimension and transform every color in your palette!), I highly recommend it!

Available in half pans and full pans.