Inktober Set 3.0 - Exotic Pigments


The new version of Inktober set includes a few exotic pigments, as well as some new interesting black pigments.

Rhodonite Black - a rare mineral color (rhodonite is mostly pink and red, not black), it's a saturated dark brown-black with glowing granules.

Bideford Black - a unique, naturally occurring rare pigment only found in Bideford, North Devon (UK). The deposits were formed millions of years ago and were compressed by tectonic plates; the compression helped form the mineral that has a rich black color. It was first discovered in the 17th century and mined for making black ink. It became less popular in the 20th century when many new synthetic inks became available. 

Onyx Black - granulating gray pigment made with a naturally occurring mineral.

Amur Black - granulating rich blue-black mineral pigment with a subtle metallic shimmer.

Black Earth - an earth mineral sourced in Spain. Pigment includes both brown and black particles, which makes it rich and dark.

Roman Black - a warm and smooth black with brown undertones.

Bister Black - a pigment made with soot of burnt wood, widely used in ink making. Saturated and smooth, it will work great in both painting and lettering. This version has subtle brown undertones.

German Vine Black - pigment made of charred grape vine shoots; cool saturated black with great transparency.

Cherry Black - deep black pigment made with charred cherry pits.

Grape Seed Black - fine and smooth cool black pigment made with carbonized grape seeds.

All of the colors in the set have excellent lightfastness!

Few of these colors will be available individually in the next shop update.